Snippet Sunday

Snippet Sunday

Here is a short snippet from Soft Burgundy Nights for Snippet Sunday. You can link to other authors snippets here:

He broke the kiss, wrapping his arms around her. He rested his chin on her head. She could feel his heart beating fast under her palm where it lay on his chest. After a few moments he leaned back to look her in the eye. “Would it really be so bad, Duchess?”
“Would what be bad?”
“Falling in love with me?” His palm cupped her cheek tenderly.
“I can’t.” A tear fell down her cheek, and he caught it with his thumb.
“You don’t have a choice.” He took her lips in another kiss. Softer. Slower. He was right. She did not have a choice. Her heart had already decided for her.


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Autumn Dreams Character Interview

Maggie, the heroine of Autumn Dreams, has popped in from her 1949 schoolroom for a chat:

Maggie, can you tell us why you decided to become a teacher?
I think I always wanted to teach. When I was in school I used to help my teacher by taking the smaller grades out to the playground to do their reading with them. It just seemed natural for me to go to Normal School after I graduated. And of course my older sister Dora is a teacher too.

Are you and your sister close?
We always get along best when we live in different homes, but I love her dearly. I just get frustrated sometimes when she can do everything better than I can. Her life is so organized. She’s a talented pianist, does wonderful needlework and never gets herself into scrapes the way I do. And she’s not afraid of anything.

Have you always boarded with a family at your teaching jobs?
Last school I had my own little teacherage but the school closed and I had to find a new position. I love boarding at the Thornhills. Ellen my landlady is terrific and she and Ray have a six year old daughter Emma that I’ll be teaching this year. The only problem is Ellen’s brother Marshall. I can tell he dislikes me but I can’t figure out why. I’m trying to ignore the fact that he’s so handsome and intriguing but I can’t get him out of my thoughts-most annoying.

Do you like living on the farm?
I would if I didn’t have to be around horses. I hate to admit it but I’m terrified of them. I always have been. I know Marshall senses it. Maybe that’s part of why he doesn’t like me.

You sound as though you think a lot about Marshall. Is this interest a romantic one?
Certainly not! I only want him to like me because he’s Ellen’s brother and Emma’s uncle. I’m not interested in him that way at all. Of course he did kiss me one night…..

Maggie, Maggie. Are you still with us Maggie?
What? Oh sorry, my mind was wandering there for a minute. Now I’m sorry I have to leave you. It’s time to prepare my lessons for tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by Maggie. Good luck trying to figure out the enigmatic Marshall.


Autumn Dreams is a romance novella that takes place on the prairies in the late 1940s.

Maggie arrives at her new teaching job, to board with a family she’s prepared to like. What she isn’t prepared for is her landlady’s brother Marshall who seems to hate her on sight. She is captivated by Ellen’s six year old daughter Emma who is having identity problems when faced with the arrival of a new baby. Then Ellen goes into labour in the middle of a storm and Maggie must face her fears to help. Along the way she helps a family grow closer together but what about her hopes for the future? Can she get past the wall Marshall has set up and does she really have a future here amongst the people she has grown to care for?

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Is It Worth It

Description-Jake is a Native American Indian and his wife Charlie is an African American. In the last recent months Jake and Charlie have gone through a tragic loss, which has greatly affected their marriage. They leave New York City and move to the South, in hopes to find some solitude. This move challenges their relationship to the point that Jake finds himself wondering if their love, their marriage, is truly worth it.

About the Author- Dallacey E. Green is a talented Interior designer and Artist. She has always had a great love for writing and throughout the years she has written many poems and short stories. Seeing the enjoyment that her friends have had over these romantic tales, has inspired Green to publish her work. Is It Worth It is Green’s second novel, her first is Second Best and she is currently completing her third novel, For a Life Time, all three books are a part of her twin series. Green lives in a small quiet town in Tennessee, which she thinks is the perfect setting to create her heartwarming tales.

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Love Blooms Hop

Love Blooms Hop

And Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest. –

These words by Percy Bysshe Shelley remind me of what a wonderful time Spring is to fall in love, whether its with a person or a book. The grass is green, the flowers are blooming in bright vibrant colors, the birds are singing their merry song. The sun shines brighter and the days are longer, giving us more time to love.

Has your heart ever skipped a beat when you read the moment the hero and heroine fall in love? Or has your heart melted when the characters first realize they love the other? Have those very characters stayed with you long after you finished reading the book? That has happened to me. For those of you who follow my blog you know that my all time favorite romance author is Judith McNaught. Anyone who loves romance needs to read at the very least one of her books, but I guarantee you will not stop at one.

My favorite is Whitney My Love. I have read that book multiple times and still read it occasionally when I need a Clay and Whitney fix. It is a historical romance that will sweep you in and keep you reading. When I finished reading it the first time I actually missed the characters because they felt like old friends. She also writes contemporary romance that is just as mesmerizing. My favorites are a tie between Paradise and Perfect while Remember When is neck in neck for that top spot.

I predict that in another 50 years Judith McNaughts novels will rival those of Jane Austen, with movies made for every one of them.

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Another Clean Romance Novel

I recently read Someone To Watch Over Me is a clean romance novel about Morgan Kennedy, a businesswoman with a stalker. She hires Shawn Randall as her bodyguard. Finding her stalker and trying to stay alive may prove to be easier than protecting their hearts. Below is my review that I posted to Amazon:

I really enjoyed Someone To Watch Over Me, it had just the right amout of suspense and action, and of course romance. Morgan is dealing with a stalker, yet she remains strong and doesn’t let it break her. Shawn is dealing with his growing feelings for Morgan but he doesn’t lose his focus to keep her safe. This book is full of likeable characters The storyline was awesome and kept moving at a fast pace throughout the book. I’d say this is an author to watch, I will be reading her next book.

Now for the technical stuff, there were quite a few editing mishaps. There were missing words, extra words and puctuation errors. At times I had to reread a sentence to figure out what word actually belonged. This is a great story that could use a little more editing. Don’t let that stop you from reading it, I am a stickler for accurcy yet I still enjoyed this book

Free Short Stories

Breaktime Romance

Book Clipart Images

For my reader fans, I’ve added a new page to my blog where I will feature a new short story every week. Each story will be short enough that you can enjoy it on your break or lunch, yet it will be complete with a gripping beginning, a plot filled middle and a happily ever after. They will satisfy your need for a romance fix when you only have fifteen to twenty minutes to spare, whether it’s on your break at work or while you are sitting at the school waiting for the kids to come out.

For all my author friends, if you have a short story that fits the criteria and you’de like to share it with other readers feel free to email it to me and I will post it on the Free Stories page of my blog. Please make sure it meets the following criteria: 800 – 2500 words, no profanity, no explicit sex, no sex before marriage. Please keep it clean, if it were a movie it would be rated no higher than PG.  I’m looking forward to reading your stories.


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What I Like

Still Sweet on You (Reindeer, Colorado)” Boy does this book put you in the mood for chocolate, and what better way to spend a rainy day than reading Still Sweet on You while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. I really enjoyed this novella, it was just the right length to tell Claire and Burke’s story, and to fall in love with Burke and those dimples. This was a sweet romance with believable and lovable characters. The only drawback were the few typos and grammatical errors, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and those little things tend to distract me. However, I still give this book five stars and recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a sweet romance. I can’t wait to read another Kat Jones book.

Pride and Precipitation (Chick Flick Clique Romantic Comedy Novella #1)” this was a cute story with lovable characters. Though at times the story line was a bit unbelievable, I was still hooked. Until a little more than half way through where it really slowed down. From that point on it was very hard to continue reading but I did because I had to know how it ended. The ending was a bit disappointing, I found it to be a tad cheesy. This was a great story with tons of potential that wasn’t developed fully. All in all I did enjoy it and I will give this author another shot.

Loved It! Loved It! Did I mention that I loved it! I love reading romance novels but it is so hard to find a clean one. I was pleasantly surprised when I read “The Reluctant Bachelorette: A Romantic Comedy” It is a clean sweet romance packed with lovable characters, great plot, lots of laughs, and most importantly lots of romance. I can’t wait to read another book by this author. She is my new favorite.


Keep it Clean or Turn up the Steam?

English: Romance icon
English: Romance icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reading a romance novel on my lunch break the other day when a coworker stopped by my desk and asked me if I had gotten to the steamy parts yet. I told her it was a sweet romance and there were no steamy parts. She looked at me as if I’d grown horns and said, “I only like the steamy, naughty novels. Without steam it isn’t any fun.” There is no shortage of steamy romance novels to satisfy her desires so more power to her.

But for me, I prefer to see characters falling in love, not lust. I want to feel those tender emotions that bring them together, that call out to each others hearts until they are head over heels in love. Two people who display mutual respect for one another. Romance novels have gotten a reputation for the steamy sex scenes. However, I have recently found several authors who write clean romance. Two of my current favorites are Stephanie Bond and Rachael Anderson. Stephanie Bond writes romantic comedy, and while her books are witty and funny they also contain all the problems, twists and turns needed to move the plot forward. Rachael Anderson’s novel, The Reluctant Bachelorette was laugh out loud funny, yet heartwarming.

I have not read every single novel these two authors have written, I can say that the ones I have read I have loved. I recommend them to anyone who reads Sweet Romance.

So to answer the question, I say Keep It Clean!!

Does anyone know any other authors who write Clean Romance? Which are your favorites?