What’s That Title Name Game


Well guys, I’ve been at it again. I’m writing another short story that will be published in an anthology next Spring. I have had so much fun writing Daxon and Lorelai’s story that I haven’t stopped to think about a title. These two characters have been up to so much that all I have time to do is write about their escapades.

Lorelai finally has her dream job of working for the secret service. Since finishing her training she has been anxiously awaiting her first assignment, you can only imagine how excited she is when she is called into the Oval Office. The President wants to see her. She is certain this means she will be assigned to Molly, the First Daughter. Instead, when she arrives he tells her she will be assigned to the First Son, Daxon. But, he can’t know she is secret service, and she is the detail, the entire detail.

You see, Daxon has refused protection. He is an architect with a successful business and doesn’t need nor want a whole team of babysitters. He is focused on one thing, standing on his own merit, not his fathers. When he meets Lorelai his priorities and perfectly structured life is thrown off balance. She quickly invades every aspect of his life, carving a permanent place in his heart. He knows she is hiding something, but can’t figure out what it is. When his life is threatened his first instinct is to hold on to her, yet he realizes anyone close to him is in danger. No matter how hard he tries she won’t let him keep her out of harms way. Instead, she seems to keep herself between him and harm. Why?

Can you see now why I haven’t had time to come up with a title? These two are keeping me busy. Which is why I’m relying on you to help me. Give me your idea for a title. Post it in the comments on my blog. The person whose title I choose will win a prize. What is the prize you ask? I’m going to keep that secret for now….but here’s a hint….A girls best friend. The contest will be open until November 14, 2014 12pm EST

Here are a couple pics of my dream cast were my book made into a movie.




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