Diamond Heiress Blog Stop

Diamond Heiress Blog Stop

Today’s stop on the blog tour will be right here on my blog. I wanted to take this oppotunity to give you all a brand new excerpt from Diamond Heiress and to play a little game.

I have to warn you that this game will be played both here and on my facebook page, so you will have to visit both to win. The prize – A free ebook or print copy of Diamond Heiress. Winner will be chosen at random from all who answer both questions correctly by 12:00am EST. Winner will be announced Sunday October 12th.

The first part of the game is to answer the following question:

Whose wedding do Nick and Brielle attend and which of my books do those two characters appear in? The second challenge will be on my facebook page.

Nick was holding Brielle close, swaying to the music. Their hearts seemed to be beating in unison.
“They look happy,” Brielle said as they watched Roberto and Cynthiana leave amidst well-wishers.
“With a love as deep and true as theirs that happiness will last.”
“Are you a romantic?” she teased with a glint in her eyes.
“Who me? Nah. Realist all the way, baby.”
She rested her head on his shoulder again, her mouth close to his ear, and whispered, “That sounded romantic to me.”
His heart began to race when her breath caressed his neck. She’d gotten so far under his skin it felt as if she were a part of him.


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