Yellow Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar

Yellow Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar

Talented author, Nancy LaPonzina releases her latest novel, Yellow Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar, on October 10th. Below is a small teaser… Enjoy!

Bibliotherapist, silver-haired Rhose Guerin uses books, movies, plays, and poetry in her private practice. An advanced professional credentialing program removes her from friends and family in North Carolina to study in Westport, Connecticut where she reconsiders her fading marriage; a daughter in a relationship crisis; a parent challenged by health issues; and the reappearance of an old love.
Long held family secrets and relationships are revealed that beg intervention as Rhose second-guesses decisions made in her past. Was the path she turned from, the better one to have taken? Can she satisfy her need to grow both professionally and personally in order to find acceptance and romance in a life of her own?
There are no novels to show her how. She must be the heroine of her own story as she appraises and makes peace with life decisions boomer generation women face.


Nancy LaPonzina – Author Bio

Nancy LaPonzina is an award-winning author, writer, poet, and editor from the Southeast. Her novels, A Path through the Garden (Rebel Ink Press, 2013) and Nardi Point (Rebel Ink Press, 2012) received the Chanticleer Books & Media First Place Finalist recognition for Women’s Contemporary Fiction. Other writing includes articles, web-site content, and technical documentation. She lives in a small southern town where she volunteers, gardens, and writes. She loves archaeology, alternative health modalities, nature, the metaphysical, and her rescue Maine Coon cat, Copy.
Learn more about her at her website: She can be found on Facebook here:, and on Twitter, here: @NancyLaPonzina.






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