The Love Thief by Daisy Jerico


Sandra was once falsely accused of theft and almost went to prison for a crime she did not commit all because of a handsome man. Suddenly it was happening again, the jewelry store where she works is robbed and she is their prime suspect. In order to prove her innocence and clear her name she has to team up with Alex, a former thief who is also trying to gain his freedom. Is Alex really trying to help her or is he more concerned about helping himself? She is determined to never be used by another man. When her life is in danger Alex must reevaluate what is really important to hm.

The Love Thief was a delightful, cute read with just enough suspense to keep you reading. Very rarely does a book grip me from the first paragraph and holds me until I finish but this one did, I had to read it all in one sitting. The banter between the characters as their feelings for each other develop was refreshing. It’s so nice to read a clean, sweet romance that’s both entertaining and endearing.


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