The Sherbrookes of Newport


Today I finished reading the third book in The Sherbrookes of Newport series by Christina Tetreault. I can honestly say that I loved them all.

The first book is The Teachers Billionaire about a school teacher who discovers her real father is alive. When he and his famIly find out about her his stepson is skeptical of her intentions. What starts out as an assignment to keep her from causing his stepfather father any problems turns into a whole lot more.

Book two is The Billionaire Playboy. Jake Sherbrooke meets a Navy doctor and meets his match. But can he convince her that he is not the playboy the media paints him to be? Will she get over her insecurities about men long enough to see the real man?

Book three is The Billionaire Princess. Sara Sherbrooke has been used one too many times by people who want to exploit their relationship with her for gain. As a result she distrusts everyone. Christopher seems to be the only one who has been able to get past the barriers she has put up to protect her heart. Her distrust in people rears its ugly head again and threatens to destroy all they have built together.

All three of these books were very well written. They were lively from beginning to end and held my attention all the way through. I recommend them to all who enjoy a nice sweet romance. I can’t wait for book four.


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