Sports Romances


With the start of baseball season upon us it brings to mind another type of sports activity that romance readers and writers are enjoying more and more.  Sports Romance. It has become increasingly popular. One of my favorites is Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force. But, hers is just one of many sports romance novels that have been gaining popularity. Just why are Sports Romances picking up popularity and do you have to be a fan of the sport to enjoy the book?

To answer one question, no, you do not have to like sports to enjoy a good sports romance. Normally, in a sports romance novel the romance is the main feature of the story, sports is the backdrop. So even if you don’t understand the sport you won’t be lost because we all understand romance.  As for the rise in popularity I have two words….athletic hero. Who doesn’t want a hero with an amazing athletic physique? That’s what you get in every sports romance. Broad shoulders, bulging muscles, tall and strong.

But really, it goes beyhond that. Most athletes are rich and have a measure of celebrity status, that means they are flocked by women. They have a choice, but in a sports romance they choose the heroine, she may not be as beautiful or as rich and famous as them, or she may be. Regardless, the novel is about two people falling in love despite any obstacles thrown in their way. That is exactly what you get from sports romance.

Here are some Sports Romance’s you may enjoy.


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