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To Review or Not to Review?

blog picsWhat do you do when you read a book, one that sounds amazing from the blurb and from other reviews, yet you get one fourth of the way through and can’t manage to read another page? Do you finish it and give them a bad, yet honest review? Or do you just stop reading it and let other readers figure it out on their own?

That happened to me this week. I started reading a book that had six very good reviews. I know that those six reviews are more than likely friends and family of the author but the blurb sounded so good so I decided to take a chance on it. Boy did I regret it. It started bad but I wanted to give it a chance so I kept reading until I was about one fourth of the way through. The story takes place in the desert of Mesa AZ. Growing up in the desert myself I’m quite familiar with it. The final scene I read was where the hero and heroine get caught in a flash flood, the hero gets soaked through and the heroine is struggling to get him to their vehicle before he catches hypothermia. I am not a doctor, nor do I have any medical experience, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting hypothermia from being wet in the heat of the desert. The times I got wet I would lay out in the sun and dry off. That was just the last straw in a whole series of improbable situations this book contained in the first few chapters.

So comes my dilemma. Do I write a review to let other potential readers what I discovered? Or do I let them spend their money and figure out on their own that it was a waste?

As an author myself I fear that first bad review. So far I’ve only received good reviews but I know that will not last. Yet, when I do get that first bad review I’d like it to be tactful and nice, not scathing. So, I ask again, to review or not to review? What would you do?

4 thoughts on “To Review or Not to Review?”

  1. I understand your dilemma. Especially as a fellow author I can imagine writing negative reviews to be hard. But still. A review is writing down how you experienced the book. What your thoughts were and how you felt while reading. And you obviously did not like this book, so I don’t see why you could not share your experience with other readers. It’s impossible to like every book and criticism can help the author to improve. Therefore, I would just write the review but try to keep the ranting to a minimum 😉

    1. I’m going to take your advice and write a review. But I will try to make it constructive and hopefully the author will benefit in some way. Thanks. 🙂

  2. I believe that’s a biggie for author’s . I always find myself putting on the others writer’s shoes. It’s those times I remind myself that we are all different with different taste. I draw from examples where I didn’t enjoy a book, but lots of others did. Honestly, It’s probably wrong, but I skirt the issue and say positive things about the author and leave the decision of everyone liking the novel to them.

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