Another Clean Romance Novel


I recently read Someone To Watch Over Me is a clean romance novel about Morgan Kennedy, a businesswoman with a stalker. She hires Shawn Randall as her bodyguard. Finding her stalker and trying to stay alive may prove to be easier than protecting their hearts. Below is my review that I posted to Amazon:

I really enjoyed Someone To Watch Over Me, it had just the right amout of suspense and action, and of course romance. Morgan is dealing with a stalker, yet she remains strong and doesn’t let it break her. Shawn is dealing with his growing feelings for Morgan but he doesn’t lose his focus to keep her safe. This book is full of likeable characters The storyline was awesome and kept moving at a fast pace throughout the book. I’d say this is an author to watch, I will be reading her next book.

Now for the technical stuff, there were quite a few editing mishaps. There were missing words, extra words and puctuation errors. At times I had to reread a sentence to figure out what word actually belonged. This is a great story that could use a little more editing. Don’t let that stop you from reading it, I am a stickler for accurcy yet I still enjoyed this book


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    • Yes she does. As all of her books are, it was also a great, memorable love story about a broadway actress whose husband dies and the evil man who is under suspicion for his death. It’s a romantic suspense novel. If you haven’t had a chance to read it I highly recommend it.

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