I thought I knew Point of View


I’m a writer, I should know everything there is to know about Point of View, right? We all know the difference between first person and third person POV, third person omniscient vs third person limited. I figured with that knowledge under my belt I could write a bestseller. Boy was I wrong!

One day, after critiquing a piece of my work, one of my critique partners, Nancy LaPonzina, recommended a little book to me. Little did I know that small book would change the way I view POV and in the process improve my writing skills. The book is Rivet Your Readers With Deep Point of View by Jill Elizabeth Nelson. She started the introduction with these powerful words: “Have you ever read a book that melded your mind with the main character’s psyche? No vague sensation of an invisible narrator inserted itself between you and the point-of-view character. Line by line, scene by scene, you lived in that central character’s head. Even if the story was not written in first person, the hero or heroine’s every experience became yours, and your reading pleasure intensified. Why? How did this happen? What did the writer do to gain this effect? The technique is called Deep Point of View.”

Wow! What writer doesn’t want to inspire those types of feelings in people who read our books? One paragraph and I was hooked, I had to read the entire book before I wrote another word. Apparently, it worked because I was offered a publishing contract from Prism Book Group for the novella I wrote right after reading that little book. It changed everything I thought I knew about Point of View….


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